As the wedding season for 2013 is winding down, we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone in our team. Thanks for all those hard work, dedications, and long hours for the past year. You time and work devoted have made each wedding beautiful, and have made all of our brides satisfied.

So, to celebrate for the holiday of 2013 and to all give ourselves pad on the shoulder, we had our holiday dinner at Red Lobster. Who can pass on the seafood? We are all left with a very full tummy.

Thanks for all those who came to our dinner (Marlon, Nadine, Cherry, Raymond, and Gloria). For those who couldn’t make to our dinner (Sara, Jessica, Laney, Nick, Vincent, and Big C), we miss you guys! We still hope that you have a wonderful time during this holiday season.

2013 Holiday Dinner at Red Lobster

2013 Holiday Dinner at Red Lobster


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