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At Secrets Floral, we ensure that all our fresh flowers stay well-hydrated on your special day. That is why we always condition our flowers and treat them with moisture sealant before arranging. Also, most of our fresh bouquets come with internal concealed water source.

Secrets Floral only uses the top-quality products. With our faux flowers, we use soft-touch, real-touch, and photo-realistic flowers. These flowers are made with the state-of-art material so that they have the more authentic feel and look than traditional artificial flowers. Yet, they have greater durability and flexibility than their real counterparts.

The following photos are samples of our fresh and artificial bridal bouquets.

– Toronto Wedding Flowers Created by Secrets Floral Collection

New Arrival of Soft-Touch Roses


We are happy to receive our new arrival items today! In addition to our famous photo-realistic roses and real-touch roses, we are now carrying the soft-touch roses for our artificial flower collection. These soft-touch roses are the best in the market. I cannot believe they are not real!!!


Soft-Touch Red Rose

Soft-Touch Red Rose