Prestige by Secrets Floral

Secrets Floral Prestige is our premium line that offers full-service event design and production. We hear. We listen. We respond. Our job is to bring your fantasies and desires to reality, by transforming the spaces into something dramatic and beautiful.


Initial Consultation

Beginning with an in-depth consultation, we will discuss the overall look and feel for your upcoming event. During this time, we will brainstorm colour palettes, flowers, and complimentary décor elements that will reflect your personality, taste, and style.

Design Presentation

Based on what we have learned, we will create a vision board with images and ideas discussed at the initial consultation. We will gladly work with you to further develop the theme for your event and fine tune all the details. The vision board will also serve as a useful tool for you while developing other aspects of your event, such as stationery, cake design, and favours selection.


Once the overall theme and look is chosen, we will provide a complimentary sample consultation. You will be able to see samples of your chosen floral centerpiece as well as any additional décor elements outlined in your proposal. We will adjust and finalize the design, based on any requests that arise during preview.


Based on the mutually agreed design, our team will transform your venue. Our installation team takes into the account of the space’s dimensions, permanent fixtures, and existing décor, to ensure we create the environment of your dreams.


Investment for Secrets Floral Prestige full-service (design, preview, installation) starts at $5000.